Friday, November 6, 2015

Dress-Making And Tomorrow’s Clothes (part 2 of 2)

One future idea 

There are several proposals regarding future clothes on the drawing board. Some had been in development for years. All of them, however, are still waiting for the manufacturing economics to be resolved (lower cost of materials and labor, some technicalities, etc.) before they can be implemented. 

One example is the talk of a prototype of new clothes that are touted to be disposable. After use, these worn clothes will then be sent to the recycling plant to be processed into some other new products or into new clothes again. 

The main idea is to bring the manufacturing costs of these clothes lower than the costs of laundry, repair and storage. Ideally, it should be cheaper to buy new clothes compared against the sum spent on laundry, repair, ironing and storage of traditionally-made clothes.  

Our future clothes, scientists say, shall have automatic temperature control (special fabrics), sweat and odor disposal systems embedded into the material, as well as some kind of anti-bacterial additives incorporated in their manufacture. And these are just for starters.

Some questions remain, however. 

What happens to that wedding dress you kept for sentimental reasons?   
What about that dowdy-looking but lucky tennis shirt you hate to throw out?
Will you get rid of that favorite sweater someone special gave you on your birthday? 

Will all of these be made of disposable materials, too, to be discarded right after use?

Stay tuned for more of tomorrow’s news on dress-making.


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