Monday, November 23, 2015

Landscape Architect Recruitment Yorkshire, UK (part 1 of 2)

Various levels of Landscape architecture recruitment Yorkshire is required for some of the architecture firms in UK. Some of the job descriptions are given below:

Planning and green infrastructure advisers are required for landscape architecture firms in Yorkshire. The job requires enhancing the biodiversity and wildlife in marine, rural, coastal and urban areas. The adviser needs to provide multifunctional green infrastructure, landscape access and recreation. Good working knowledge of natural conservation and planning sustainable projects are essential for this job.

Project landscape architect is yet another job requirement available in Yorkshire. The main qualifications required are excellent communication skill, a degree or diploma in landscape architecture with some experience and the knowledge of Computer aided graphic design. The project landscape architect requires taking genuine responsibility within the team and should also be responsible for regeneration of landscape projects.

Qualified landscape architects recruitment Yorkshire architecture firms hire in order to involve in wide variety of landscape projects in both urban and rural areas. The landscape architect requires doing various works ranging from strategic master planning to create parks and recreation designs. These jobs are generally recruited on a full time basis. However, right candidates can be allowed part time facility also.

Senior landscape architect recruitment is going on in various architecture firms in Yorkshire, UK. The candidate should have excellent design and communication skill and should have 5 or more years of experience in landscape design and planning. The senior landscape architect requires working with the team on local or national projects including schools, hospitals, leisure facilities and recreational places. Knowledge in Auto CAD is highly desirable for the candidate.


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